Exactly 2.0: Interface Upgrade & New Tools arrived

20 december 2023

Just in time for the holidays, we've updated with many new features. Everything arrived just before Christmas so that you can enjoy Exactly 2.0 during your break.

Try it now and share your feedback with us. To learn more about updates of Exactly 2.0, read our blog.

1 - Redesigned Desktop and Mobile Experience

Desktop: The newly designed Generation Control Panel is easier and more intuitive than before: all the control functions are there. You can change the image settings colour palette, create and upload sketches, edit the area of your image and upscale it to add more details to the generation. The main focus of the screen is your artwork.

Desktop UI

Mobile: Our mobile version has been completely upgraded so you can have the desktop experience on your phone.

Mobile UI

2 - Colour Palette

Set the exact colours you need and generate images with them. You can choose a colour from a generation or set up your own colours. You can either pick colours manually or paste the ones you need in a Hex format:

Palette UI

3 - Enhanced Sketch Management

The sketch control panel opens when you click on a pencil icon. You can either upload a sketch or draw one. The image will be generated following the lines of your sketch. You can activate or deactivate your sketch with a checkbox (red circle in the top left corner). When the sketch is deactivated, it is hidden but not deleted. With the deactivated sketch, an image is created but does not follow the lines of the sketch. You can then activate the sketch again and create an image with it. The sketch image is conveniently displayed in the lower-left corner.

Pro Tip: You can create an image with the sketch, then amend the sketch a bit and create a new one with it. Try using it to make animation sequences.

Sketch UI

4 - Add generations to favourites or delete them from history

Favourite Images was the most popular feature request from our community. We followed your request, and now you can organise your generations more effectively. Put a heart on the ones you like the most; you will see them separately in your history. You can also delete images from the history to keep it tidy.

Favourites UI

We’ve also made some important updates in history:

  • The history panel now combines four generation options with history, displaying the last 30 generations.
  • You can scroll through the generations and open the full history with a click.
  • Generations are now displayed in their original aspect ratio.
  • Improved navigation in models.

5 - Updated Competitions

We've upgraded the layout and changed the competition button for our competition enthusiasts. Here it is.

Competitions UI

And there's more! Participate in our competitions right now and get 3 models and 50 generations.

We're committed to making your creative experience as enjoyable and productive as possible. Share your feedback with these new features at

Your insights help us grow and improve. Happy creating!

Introducing the Grant Program: Empowering Artists, Educators and Students

08 november 2023

We built to deliver on the potential of AI for Art. We want to shape a future where everyone can boost their creative productivity with ethically trained, personalised AI models. And there’s no better way to do it than putting Exactly in the hands of people driving the change - passionate educators, young minds, and innovative creators. This grant program provides them with the free use of Exactly Pro and all its features.

Who Can Apply:

Visual Creators and Artists

You want to use the platform for a specific creative project or have taken part in our Exactly Lab events. Must be 18 years or older to participate.


You are an educator interested in generative AI and passionate about sharing this interest with your students. Your students must be 18 years or older.


You are a student who wants to use generative AI for academic or artistic projects. Must be 18 years or older to participate.


  • Full and early access to all tools and new features
    High Resolution up to 4k: Download Images in your desired resolution
    Negative Prompts: Tell your model what to avoid when it creates an image
    Add Details: Refine your image by adding details and improving its general quality
    Sketch-to-Image: Sketch by hand or upload a complete one to create your image
    Eraser: Remove unwanted elements of your image or sketch
    Edit Area: Recreate an area of your image with new prompts or erase its unwanted elements
    And many more coming your way…
  • Direct support
    Receive direct and timely help from our dedicated support team
  • Get featured on our website and social media

Have your voice heard by the community of fellow visual creators, artistic innovators, and AI enthusiasts

Grant size:

  • Artists: 1000 generations and 10 models
  • Students: 1000 generations and 10 models
  • Educators: 1000 generations and 10 models for you and 200 generations and 5 models for each student in your group

Fill out this form to apply.

Design Challenge with an architect Evgeny Rodionov

26 october 2023

Design Challenge with an architect Evgeny Rodionov

This week we partnered with an architect Evgeny Rodionov for the Design Challenge 3!

In this challenge, you will be tasked with creating visuals for a new urban masterplan design.

The winner will get a mentoring session with Evgeny Rodionov and a year-long subscription to Exactly Pro.

Here is what you need to do:

Architects, urban designers, and creatives in the gaming and entertainment industries spend countless hours on world-building and imagining the future. From setting the scene to telling a story of a character living in the future, concept art and imagery are an important part of the world-building process.

Your client is a high-profile architectural practice.You were hired to create visuals for a new urban master plan design. They will use your images as part of the presentation to the government client.

How to complete the task:

  • Сreate concept art illustrating the future of sustainable living from urban farms to robotics, micro-mobility, and city streets repurposed into gardens.
  • The work will be evaluated against the clarity of the image, consistent art style, and the story it’s telling.

How to participate

Create a model on Exactly that can generate images of urban masterplans.

You can use images found on the internet as references for your model.

  1. Find 10-15 images for your moodboard.
  2. Upload those images to to create a model.
  3. Use sketches and prompts and other tools to generate an image for this task.
  4. When you are happy with the image, send it to to participate in the competition.

The Judge

Evgeny Rodionov is an architect and educator who previously worked at award-winning practices such as WilkinsonEyre on futuristic botanical garden projects such as Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. Evgeny has taught generative design at UCL and was published in Dezeen and Architect’s Journal. He is currently building tools to create cities for the future working with clients such as JPMorgan, The Crown Estate, Landsec, and British Land.

Design Challenge with DesignWorkout and Dima Barbanel

20 october 2023

Design Challenge with DesignWorkout and Dima Barbanel

We partnered with DesignWorkout and art director Dima Barbanel for this week’s Design Challenge.

As part of their educational project, DesignWorkout publishes daily tasks for designers that help develop creative thinking. Dima kindly shared one of the creative tasks with the community.

The challenge winner will get a mentoring session with Dima Barbanel and a year-long subscription to Exactly Pro.

Here is what you need to do:

A car that transformed its shape in an emergency

The shape of any vehicle has a key gesture - some distinctive feature in its form construction that makes the object recognizable. For example, the Volkswagen T1 transforms into a sphere because almost all of its shapes are based on circles. The same goes for other vehicles. That means we can simplify their shape while preserving the recognizability of the overall image. It's fun to imagine a vehicle acquiring a very simple shape in a dangerous situation.

How to complete the task:

  1. Analyse what shapes constitute the mode of transportation: these can be basic shapes (triangle, circle, square) and more complex ones.
  2. Determine which shapes are most significant for the image of the mode of transportation. In other words, which shapes carry the key gesture of this object?
  3. Create a sketch by simplifying the transportation mode's shape while retaining significant details of its construction and decoration. Perform visualization in
  4. Please send us the visualisation result, the sketch, and a photo of the actual vehicle.

How to participate

Create a model on Exactly that can generate images of a vehicle. Send to the name of your model, a sketch, and a final image of a car that transformed its shape in an emergency.

The Judge

Dima Barbanel is a co-founder of the DesignWorkout. Designworkout is an interdisciplinary team of designers, researchers, and educators involved in educational, commercial, research, and publishing projects. DesignWorkout was involved in projects commissioned by large tech companies and social and media institutions. Among their clients are Esquire, The Art Newspaper, and McKinsey, to name a few.

Design Challenge with Ash Gibson

13 october 2023

Design Challenge with Ash Gibson

Starting this week, we launch Design Challenges with our amazing partners from design and creative agencies.

This week, we’ve partnered with Ash Gibson, an award-winning British designer and art director.

Ash will challenge you with one of the most interesting briefs in his career. The challenge winner will get a mentoring session with him and a year-long subscription to Exactly Pro.

Deadline for submissions: 19th of October.

Win amazing prizes

1st Prize - an hour-long mentoring session with Ash Gibson + Exactly Pro Subscription for a year

2nd Prize - Exactly Pro Subscription for six months

3rd Prize - Exactly Pro Subscription for three months

Imagery for a Real Estate Agency

High-end real estate agency trades properties worth dozens of millions of pounds. Owners and agents are high-net-worth individuals who don't share images of the properties anywhere outside of non-disclosure business documents.

Your job is to create images that appear to be amazing architectural and interior photographs of this type of property without being a real property. This is not to sell properties but to illustrate marketing material representing the business. Archetypal HNW properties that look real but don’t exist.

How to participate

Create a model on Exactly that can generate images for the client. Send to the name of your model and three images you would show the client.

The Judge

Ash Gibson is an award-winning art director, creative director, and designer with 20+ years of experience. He has worked in luxury editorial, marketing, and content, creating successful strategies, marketing, and content for brands. Among his clients are Redwood, The Week, and Wired. Ash was a creative director at Men’s Health at its height, Giant Magazine at its most loved, Jack Magazine at its most fun, and GQ at its most lauded.

Apply Now

Join us for a Berlin exhibition of AI Art created with Exactly

08 august 2023

Exactly and Guelman und Unbekannt Gallery invite you to the opening of an exhibition Exactly Lab: Artists embracing new AI August 10, 2023 at 19.00.

The place and legitimacy of art created with AI is a hotly debated topic. Despite AI tools becoming more widely used and even taught in some art schools, art critics are still far from reaching a consensus. The focus of this exhibition is AI-enabled experimentation by artists who are not trained experts in machine intelligence but recognize the value of the technology and apply it organically in their work.

The exhibition examines this artistic experimentation, its varieties, and its effect on what we consider to be art as modern technology brings us into uncharted territory. To that end, the exposition brings together works of different genres by artists who have harnessed the power of AI to push the boundaries of their self-expression. By combining human creativity with machine intelligence, these artists offer us a glimpse into the exciting possibilities of the future and the changes that have already come.

The curators designed the exhibition to showcase how artists working in established modes of art, such as digital, contemporary, and traditional forms, apply AI to their creative process. Using, a platform that generates images in a personalized aesthetic, artists have discovered new ways to channel their vision and augment conventional techniques and practices.

The viewer is invited to consider how current artists integrate artificial intelligence into their work and reflect on its potential as an assistant to generate ideas or preparatory sketches, a co-creator, or a tool for producing artwork.


18 july 2023

Today we’re launching, an AI-powered artwork creation platform for artists and visual creators that learns your style and streamlines your creative process. With it you can easily experiment, iterate, and create unique images that help you showcase and perfect your work. is powered by, our image generation algorithms. We built and perfected it in collaboration with our community of artists, curators, and art historians. We created Exactly because we wanted to deliver on the potential of AI for professional artists. While there are other AI image generation tools, Exactly captures and understands your own personal style.

“When we were developing Exactly, the goal was to enable artists to create their own generative models, instead of relying on ready-made AI algorithms. To make that happen, we built our tech to be capable of high-fidelity pattern and concept transfer from a user’s input artwork. That's a novel technology unmatched in the current market. Exactly doesn’t just reproduce the surface elements, such as brush stroke texture and general shapes. It showcases the user’s individual style in all of its uniqueness and personal idiosyncrasies. This allows our tech to represent an unprecedented diversity of artistic styles at uniformly high quality..”

Nikita Balabin, Senior Machine Learning Engineer