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About exactly.ai

Low-quality generative imagery, produced by AIs trained with stolen, copyright-infringing imagery, is threatening to take over. We believe that to fight back, illustrators and artists must harness the potential of AI – not ignore it. exactly.ai is an ethical AI platform and tool for illustrators and artists that helps them train AI models on their own terms.

Instead of threatening creativity, exactly.ai ignites it.

With exactly.ai, illustrators can explore, expand, and perfect their creative practice, remove time-consuming and repetitive tasks, and develop new income streams.

Unlike other generative AI platforms, Exactly.ai protects the copyright of each creator. All images uploaded to exactly.ai, AI models made with those images, and the images produced by those AI models all belong to the image creator.

We partner with artists and illustrators, promote their work, and protect their intellectual property.

Our mission is to make beautiful bespoke illustrations accessible to everyone and make sure that those who create them retain their rights and are properly rewarded.

exactly.ai is an AI-powered tool and platform designed for artists and visual creatives. The tool aids in identifying their unique visual language and aesthetics and allows users to train AI algorithms while preserving their intellectual property rights. Users can generate new works, animations, strategic creative visions, and imagery using their visual language and aesthetics.

The tool’s purpose is to enhance creativity, not to replace it.

exactly.ai operates on our image generation algorithms, Durer.ai. We developed our algorithm in partnership with our community of artists, curators, art historians, art writers, collectors, and others.

“When developing exactly.ai, our objective was to empower artists to create their own generative models, instead of depending on pre-existing AI algorithms. To achieve this, we designed our technology to perform high-fidelity pattern and concept transfers from a user’s input artwork. This is a unique technology that is unparalleled in the current market. exactly.ai doesn’t merely replicate surface elements like brush stroke texture and general shapes. Instead, it captures the user’s individual style, including its uniqueness and personal quirks, thereby allowing our technology to represent an unprecedented diversity of artistic styles at consistently high quality.”