Content Rules


Durer AI Ltd (also referred to as: we, us, our) fosters and promotes creativity by bringing together art and technology. It gives users the opportunity to unlock their creative potential by experimenting in different styles while at the same time enables artists to showcase and live off their art. We believe in the freedom of artistic expression and welcome it in all its forms.

However, that does not mean that everything is permissible on our platform. In addition to the Terms of Use (Terms) which govern your use of our Services, these rules of content (Rules) help ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience.

If your usage does not follow these Rules, we may ask you to make necessary changes. Repeated or serious violations may result in further action, including suspending or terminating your account.

Below is a list of what is not allowed on our platform.

Child sexual abuse material

We do not allow content that sexually exploits or endangers children, whether those children are real or fictional. We consider exploitative and abusive behaviour visual depictions of a child engaged in a sexual act or depictions of a nude child which promote acts of sexual abuse against children and encourage, promote or glorify child grooming behaviours.

Dangerous Content

We do not allow content that incites hatred, harasses or engages in a behaviour that may place people at risk of serious bodily harm or death. Examples of such content include:

  • inciting or threatening serious bodily harm or acts of violence against a specific target or specific group of people;
  • inciting violence or hatred towards a person or group of people based on race, religion, gender identity or expression, sex, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, age, disability or other characteristics associated with systemic discrimination;
  • the promotion or glorification of terrorism or violent extremism including coordinating, promoting, threatening, or praising an act of violence by or on behalf of violent extremist groups or their members and providing instructions or instructional materials to commit an act of violent extremism.

Deceptive Content

We do not allow content that impersonates others in order to deceive. Such content includes but is not limited to: replicating the same name, image, and/or description as another existing creator, posing as another person, brand, or organization in a misleading manner.

Sensitive Content

We do not allow excessively violent or graphic content that promotes graphic or gratuitous depictions of violence, gore, or other shocking imagery including but not limited to severely mutilated or dismembered bodies, promoting animal cruelty or torture.

Also we do not allow content that advocates or glorifies sexual themes related to rape, incest, or bestiality.

Illegal Content

We do not allow content that violates applicable laws and regulations.

How can I report an issue?

Have you found an issue with a piece of content on Durer? If so, please let us know by reporting it here: