exactly.ai X Shoreditch Arts Club and ArtReview Magazine

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Tonia Samsonova

CEO and Founder

Sep 12, 2023
exactly.ai X Shoreditch Arts Club and ArtReview Magazine

In the first week of September, exactly.ai partnered with ArtReview magazine to launch an exhibition at the Shoreditch Arts Club in London.

This collaboration between exactly.ai, Shoreditch Arts Club, and ArtReview magazine aimed to explore new possibilities in the era of Immersive Experiences and to understand the significance of in-person exhibition experiences. The exhibition provided a platform for exploring new digital frontiers, giving artists new ways to express themselves and reach diverse audiences.

The exhibition displayed AI models from pioneering artists on Shoreditch Arts Club's four large format projectors. These models were developed by training an AI with original artwork inputs from a single artist, allowing the AI to create work reflecting the artist's aesthetic.

The opening night included a cocktail reception and showcased the work of 100 artists. This event celebrated the launch of the new AI platform, exactly.ai, which supports artists and their authorship. The AI models, created by artists and trained on their work, belong to the artists who can sell their work via the platform.

To see the models displayed at the exhibition, visit Models page.

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