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Tim Cherny

Head of Product Design

Dec 20, 2023
exactly 2.0

We're thrilled to unveil exactly 2.0 with new and updated features for you to discover.

1 - Desktop and Mobile Experience

Desktop: Our new Generation Control Panel is now simpler and more intuitive, with all control features conveniently located in one place. You can adjust your image settings, select a colour palette, create and upload sketches, edit various areas of your image, and upscale for added detail. This focus on convenience allows you to concentrate more on your artwork. Mobile: We're now providing our members with access to our mobile version. Enjoy exactly.ai on your phone.

2 - Colour Palette

Define the precise colours you need and generate images with them. You can select a colour from a generation, manually pick your colours, or paste your desired colours in Hex format.

3 - Improved Sketch Management

The sketch control panel opens when you click on the pencil icon. You can upload a sketch or draw one. The image will be generated following your sketch's lines. You can activate or deactivate your sketch with a checkbox (red circle in the top left corner). When deactivated, the sketch is hidden, but the image is still created without following the sketch's lines. You can reactivate the sketch to create an image with it. The sketch image is conveniently displayed in the lower-left corner.

Pro Tip: Create an image with the sketch, then edit the sketch to create a new image. Try using this feature for animation sequences.

4 - Manage Generations: Favourites and Deletion

Favourite Images was a highly requested feature from our community. Now you can organise your generations more effectively. Add a heart to your favourites, and they'll appear separately in your History. You can also delete images from your history to keep it neat.

We’ve made some significant updates in the History panel: The History panel now combines four generation options and displays the last 30 generations. Scroll through generations and access the full history with a click. Generations are now displayed in their original aspect ratio. We've improved navigation in models.

5 - Revamped Competitions

Our competition enthusiasts will appreciate our revamped layout and competition button. Here it is. But there's more! Participate in our competitions now and receive 3 models and 50 generations. We're dedicated to making your creative experience enjoyable and productive. Your insights help us grow and improve. Share your feedback on these new features at support@exactly.ai.

To learn more about exactly 2.0 updates, read our blog. Enjoy!

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