exactly.ai Challenge: Open Call for Creatives Worldwide

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Varya Plusheva

Head of Community and Customer Operations

Nov 17, 2023
exactly.ai Challenge: Open Call for Creatives Worldwide

We are delighted to present our weekly exactly.ai Challenges: an open invitation for creatives around the globe to push the boundaries of their artistry and vision.

The exactly.ai Challenges are here to spark your creative spirit and get those ideas flowing. What's more, it's a fantastic opportunity to connect with like-minded creatives, both in your neighbourhood and across the globe.

Here's How It Goes Down:

Every week, we'll roll out a new challenge and introduce you to our guest judge of the week. And here's the fun part - Prizes! The victors of our weekly showdowns will bag some pretty neat prizes, including a mentoring session and an exactly.ai grant.

1st Place: You'll earn 15 models and 1500 generations

2nd Place: You'll snag 10 models and 1000 generations

3rd Place: You'll receive 5 models and 500 generations

But we believe that everyone's a winner here. So, each participant will get 100 Free Generations and 3 New Models to explore and bring their new visions to life.

How to Get Involved:

Just a heads up, only current members of exactly.ai can participate. So, create your free exactly.ai account before you jump into the application form. Next, create a model and generate images that match the theme of the weekly challenge. Once you're done, submit your work on the exactly.ai platform.

Need more info? Check out our Competition Page.

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