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Tim Cherny

Head of Product Design

Aug 10, 2023
exactly.ai Pro

We introduce our new Pro plan on our platform, featuring several key features:

  1. Sketch: Upload your sketches to generate images that reflect your unique style. This feature allows you to create images aligned with your artistic vision by incorporating your hand-drawn elements.
  2. 4K Upscaling and Detail Enhancement: We upscale your images to 4K resolution while enhancing finer details, ensuring a higher level of clarity and visual fidelity in your creations. This meets the demand for high-quality output.
  3. High-Resolution Downloads: Now, you can download your images in high resolution without any watermark.
  4. Unlimited Models and Generations: Enjoy the flexibility of creating an unlimited number of models and generations with the Pro plan.
  5. Early Access to New Features: As a Pro plan member, you gain early access to upcoming features and updates. Stay tuned to explore the latest tools and functionalities our platform offers.

The Pro plan is designed to meet the needs of advanced users by providing a comprehensive set of tools and capabilities to elevate your creative output. Explore these features and unlock new possibilities in your creative practice.

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