Weaponising creativity with Tonia Samsonova

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Shani Haquin Gerade


Jul 01, 2024
Weaponising creativity with Tonia Samsonova

In a recent podcast with David from Creatives With AI, CEO and founder of Exactly.ai, Tonia Samsonova shared her vision for a future where artificial intelligence holds a big opportunity to emphasize, rather than intimidate an artist. This came as a solution to the concern of many artists and creators about the impact of emerging technology on their work.

This article provides a summary of the interview.

The AI advantage: a vision of a better art world

Contrary to fears of AI replacing human creativity, Samsonova sees it as an extension of the artist's toolkit. "AI is not here to replace artists," she explains, "it's here to unlock new realms of creativity and possibility." Exactly.ai's platform allows artists to train their own AI models using their copyrighted artwork, effectively turning AI into a personalized creative assistant.

Empowering artists in the digital age

Exactly.ai's approach addresses key concerns in the artistic community: Ownership: Artists retain full rights to their AI models and generated images. Transparency: The platform clearly shows what data was used to train each model. Protection: Exactly.ai partners with artists to combat unauthorized use of their work. This approach puts the power of AI directly into the hands of creators, allowing them to explore new artistic frontiers while protecting their intellectual property.

Fright fall model trained on Marcos Abdallah's artwork, image created in exactly.ai
Fright fall model trained on Marcos Abdallah's artwork, image created in exactly.ai

AI as a catalyst for creativity

Samsonova highlights the transformative potential of AI in art:

  • Rapid Ideation: AI can quickly generate variations on a theme, helping artists explore concepts more efficiently.
  • Accessibility: For artists with disabilities, AI can be a game-changer, enabling continued artistic expression.
  • Style Preservation: AI models can capture and continue the legacy of artists' unique styles.

"AI is not just a tool," Samsonova notes, "it's a collaborator that can push artists to new heights of creativity."

The evolving role of the artist

As AI becomes more integrated into the creative process, Samsonova envisions artists taking on a curatorial role, guiding and refining AI-generated content to align with their artistic vision. This evolution emphasises the irreplaceable human elements of emotion, experience, and intention in art.

Floral portraits model trained on Amarylis Hibon’s artwork, image created in exactly.ai
Floral portraits model trained on Amarylis Hibon’s artwork, image created in exactly.ai

Preparing for an AI-enhanced future

For artists looking to thrive in this new landscape, Samsonova advises embracing AI as a means of augmenting their unique creative voice. "AI can replicate styles," she says, "but it can't replicate the human experience that informs great art. Your unique perspective is your greatest asset."

Looking ahead: A new era of collaboration

Exactly.ai's model tool is the beginning. Samsonova envisions a future where AI facilitates unprecedented forms of artistic collaboration and democratises creativity across various domains.

"Imagine collaborating with artists globally or creating in styles you've always admired, that's the exciting future we're building towards."

— Tonia Samsonova, exactly.ai founder & CEO

AI in art is not something to fear, but an exciting new frontier to explore. By embracing AI as a creative partner, artists can push the boundaries of their craft, protect their work, and shape the future of art itself. The canvas of possibility has never been larger - it's time for artists to pick up their AI-enhanced brushes and paint the future.

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