New Features: Edit Area and Eraser

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Tim Cherny

Head of Product Design

Sep 15, 2023
New Features: Edit Area and Eraser

We are happy to announce two new features: Edit Area and Eraser.

Edit Area allows you to manually select part of your image and recreate it with a new prompt or erase unwanted elements, letting you effectively rework and modify your creations. Here's an example:

Tip: You can recreate part of the image with a different style by switching models

Eraser is now also available as a separate button that removes unwanted elements from images, not just sketches. Circle what you want to erase, and the tool automatically removes it, extending the background to fill the gap. Here's an example:

Sketch Updates

Our Sketch-to-Image feature has also been updated, offering higher-quality results and improved editing tools. Here’s a little reminder about using sketches. You can upload an image of your sketch:

Or draw a new sketch from scratch:

Improved Starter Plan

We are always looking for ways to help our community grow and provide the best user experience. From now most Workspace features, like sketching, editing, eraser, and adding details, will become available for Starter users too. As part of the change, we are also raising the limit for new model creation, so Starter users will be able to create 10 new models and 50 new images per day. Unlimited model and image creation, watermark removal, and high-resolution selection will remain available only to Pro users.

Visit your workspace now to try all the new exciting features that has to offer and boost your creativity.

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