How to Protect your Intellectual Property with

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Tonia Samsonova

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Jul 31, 2023
How to Protect your Intellectual Property with

At, we are committed to protecting your authorship in the evolving world of artificial intelligence. We ensure that the models and images created using our platform are exclusively owned by you. We strongly believe that the intellectual property resulting from your creative efforts should remain yours.

When you create an AI model using your artwork, the model and any content generated from it are owned by you. If you choose to, you can grant Exactly a licence to publish this model on the platform. Not all of your models need to be published, but you may wish to share some to see what others can create with your style and technique. If your model is published and used by others to create images, you own the copyright to those images. If you create an image using your own model, you own the copyright. However, if you create an image using a model that you do not own, the copyright belongs to the owner of that model.

By using, you can rest assured that your work is protected and clearly attributed to you, the rightful owner.

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