exactly.ai x Slush 2023

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Tonia Samsonova

CEO and Founder

Nov 15, 2023
exactly.ai x Slush 2023

We had the absolute pleasure of partnering with Google for our third exhibition - exactly.ai X Slush 2023. The event was a celebration of creativity, where we dared to imagine the aesthetics of tomorrow through our exhibition titled "Beauty in Transition: Redefining Aesthetics for Tomorrow".

We opened the stage to eleven visionary artists, letting them explore various mediums and define their vision for the future world we all aspire to inhabit. The exhibition was shown at the Google booth, where we showcased the AI models created by these artists.

For two days, the booth attracted startup founders, entrepreneurs, investors, and engineers, all gathered to shape the future of technology and business. The visitors got a chance to see into the artists' visions, creating unique images in their aesthetics. The event was a celebration of innovation, a testament to the power of creativity, and a glimpse into a future shaped by art and technology.

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