Workshop on visualizing ideas with personal AI at the University of Greenwich

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Shani Haquin Gerade


Jul 11, 2024
Workshop on visualizing ideas with personal AI at the University of Greenwich

On 26 June 2024, and MA Design lecturers, Carolina Perez Leon and Elena Papadaki, conducted a workshop titled "In Progress" with MA Design and Engineering students at the University of Greenwich. Aligned with the core of the study major to explore the intersection of art, technology, and artificial intelligence, this workshop was intended to encourage students to push boundaries on their research topics by using AI as a creative companion through the concept of “post-ready-mades”.

Empowering artists with ethical AI tools

The workshop began with an introduction by the team presenting our mission to empower artists with ethical AI tools. Our team highlighted the platform's core benefits, including time-saving features, creative enhancement capabilities, and robust IP protection measures, emphasizing's tailored design for professional illustrators and commercial artists.

A stream of inspiration and innovation

As a baseline to create execution for the workshop, students were using post-ready-mades and the ongoing "do it" exhibition as their inspiration to delve deep into unexplored areas of their research and present it visually. Starting from creating experimental photography, to pairing it with images of their current work and other inspirational images.

Exploring creativity in diversity

Throughout the workshop, the diverse group of students, each with unique research interests, found new ways to explore their research topics using AI as a tool. The areas ranged from language studies to traditional art techniques from Mexico, Pakistan, and India, as well as investigations into the role of colour in art and the impact of social media on loneliness and behaviour. This diversity brings more vibrancy to the produced work alongside assisting to help create an extension to their final work.

Transforming research into visual stories

The workshop not only enhanced the students' technical skills but also challenged them to reconsider their roles as designers and artists in an AI-augmented future.'s platform enabled rapid prototyping and iteration, allowing students to explore creative possibilities that might have been time-consuming or impractical through traditional methods.

A vision where art and technology collide

As the workshop drew to a close, the results from the students showed a significant difference in the creative exploration with now using AI assistance. Departing from the idea of having AI as a creative companion, they were inspired to continue experimenting, pushing boundaries, and using AI to bring their artistic visions to life.

As the MA Design and Engineering students prepare for their final degree shows, the workshop has undoubtedly left a lasting impact, revealing new experiences to visualizing research ideas that combine traditional techniques with the emerging technology.

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