ethical ai for creators

Train a personal ai on your artwork. Perfect and expand your creative practice
maintain ownership and control of everything

As featured in is a platform that helps creators to perfect their images, sell their work and control their intellectual property

get inspired

Generate images using models created by the world’s greatest illustrators.

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Train a personal ai on your artwork and make images in your style in seconds.

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Sell access to your ai models to your clients. Simplify client collaboration and
make revisions less stressful.

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Develop multiple concepts

Explore alternative concepts and generate multiple versions of ideas.

Simplify client collaboration

Share and annotate sketches and explore new imagery in real-time.

Make revisions less stressful

Avoid time-consuming revisions — make edits and changes faster.


Retain ownership and keep control of every image. All images uploaded to, the images
produced by those ai models and the ai models you create themselves, all belong to you.

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Create AI models in your in-house style

we build to ensure that illustrators and artists retain rights to their work and are properly rewarded

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used by some of the world's leading creators

It's powerful, useful and so much fun to work with. helps me create my own style faster then ever before. I've been able to illustrate 2 children's books within 5 months. I've been able to take at least 3 times more payed projects with

Artist avatar

Daniella Koffler


One of the best tools I have ever tested. What I like about is that, on the one hand, I find my own style, but on the other, it takes me elsewhere artistically. It's like a dialogue with another self, a magic mirror. Sometimes I even start from drawings I've made with and go back to hand to complete them

Artist avatar

Stéphane Maguet


Makes possible Infinite variations and surprising permutations of imagery in the style of the artist using it.  Mind altering. Makes me wonder if I am myself just one of many sentient algorithms based on the original me, created in a simulation to replicate my own art!

Artist avatar

Charles Peattie

Cartoonist and animator

The main thing for me was that I can use my own art to create new models and also that all the rights for created works will be mine

Elena Kupriianova

Artist and illustrator

You gave me the ease to create my own models and It feels like play!

Randy Manzo


This is an exciting new technology that will take my art to the next level

Bijan Machen


I use to better understand my own artistic style and ideate quickly.

Constanze Toplansky

Artist helps me find non-standard solutions in creating images

Sophie Haida


This is an exciting new technology that will take my art to the next level

Marko Gavrilovic

Contemporary artist

used by creators from different fields

we are committed
to using ai ethically —
to complement
the human practice
of creators, not
to compromise it