ML Intern

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Nikita Balabin

Head of ML

Apr 26, 2024
Overview is an early-stage startup that has recently completed its Seed round of investments. We are building a marketplace for professional visual creators to train and publish their personal Gen AI models. Brands can rent these models to generate images for their marketing and product needs. Since its launch in November 2022, has organically gained 30.000 registered users, including award-winning and internationally recognized artists. We prioritize ethically sourced AI: all uploaded images, created models, and generated images belong to the artists, not us. is part of the NVIDIA Inception Accelerator and was recognized by Google as one of the top 15 European and Israeli startups in 2023. Our AI Research team has developed technology that excels at understanding an artist's style and creating high-quality images in that style.

The algorithm is focused on a universal approach to different art styles; however, we understand that some style groups require a more unique approach, and we are searching for an ML Intern who will help us enhance the product. Therefore, we seek a highly skilled and motivated Machine Learning Inter to join our AI startup. In this position, you'll join the team to help improve the quality of user models for image generation. You will experiment with fine-tuning and curating images and texts in fine-tuning datasets. It is an opportunity to explore the influence of data in diffusion models in detail. Your contribution will impact the experience of artists using for their professional tasks.

What you'll do:

  • Analyze data used for fine-tuning and the resulting generations.
  • Improve generations by experimenting with training data, curating both images and texts in fine-tuning datasets.
  • Summarize your experience and develop guidelines for users.
  • Work closely with our ML team to explore product features and underlying technologies.
  • Collaborate with the Customer Relations team.


  • Experience in image generation with Diffusion models (Stable Diffusion)
  • Experience in fine-tuning techniques for text-to-image models, especially in DreamBooth, Textual Inversion.
  • Skills in optimizing prompts for generative models, preferably for image generation.
  • Fluency in Python.

Preferred skills:

  • Experience in working with LLM and text generation.
  • Basic knowledge of art and artistic practices.


  • The salary for this role is determined based on the market benchmark and the candidate's experience.
  • The role offers 25 days of holiday in addition to bank holidays
  • The work arrangement for this role is hybrid, with 3 days in the office.
  • Candidates from different locations are considered for this role, even though the company's headquarters and office are located in London. If you are not based in London, you can work remotely for this role.

Application process

  1. Please send your CV and a cover letter to
  2. 30-minute virtual technical interview with the Head of ML
  3. 30-minute virtual interview with the Head of Customer Operations
  4. 30-minute video call with the founder