Exactly.ai lets artists create images in their own unique style with a simple description.

With just 10 images, you can train an AI model and create new works in seconds, effortlessly apply your style to new subject matter, switch mediums and play with novel ideas, giving you more time to focus on the bigger picture.

We believe in a future where artists use AI as a powerful new creative tool to work in ways that weren't possible before. We’re building a community where artists can collaborate by sharing AI models and creating images in the style of different artists.

We believe that creative expression should be available to everybody and the work of artists should be protected. In an era dominated by generative AI, we have made it our mission to protect the intellectual property of artists by ensuring that they retain ownership of work produced using their model.

We believe that AI models trained on your work should belong to you

  • Images that you upload to Exactly belong to you.
  • If you train an AI model on your work, it belongs to you.
  • Images that you generate with models trained on your work belong to you.
  • Images generated with AI models trained on someone else’s work do not belong to you but you may secure the rights to use these images from the original artists.

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