Holystick Design Studio: Brainstorm different design concepts

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Varya Plusheva

Head of Community and Customer Operations

Apr 06, 2024
Holystick Design Studio: Brainstorm different design concepts
Tell us about your studio:

We are “Holystick Design Studio”, a graphic design studio that prides itself on blending emotional and functional elements through bold visual decisions. Our approach to projects is akin to a treasure hunt, as we enjoy uncovering innovative ideas and clues buried within the subject matter. Our belief that everything is interconnected gives us the freedom to leave room for serendipity.

Why did you decide to give exactly.ai a try?

We've been working on a brand identity for a boutique travel agency. Our client needed a distinct brand style. Typically, we present our clients with three different design concepts and then collaborate based on their chosen concepts. However, this project was unique. The agency provided us with visual references and a roadmap, including illustrations, and requested we work within that visual language.

The team used exactly.ai to upload these reference images and generate new visuals in the preferred style. This allowed us to create images that mirrored the clients' aesthetics. We fed 25 photos into exactly.ai and crafted a model that flawlessly encapsulated the required aesthetics, which is crucial for sustaining the brand's visual consistency. Ultimately, one of the three concepts presented to the client was born from using exactly.ai.

Why did you decide to try exactly.ai for this project?

We wanted to generate options that align with a specific aesthetic. We also loved using a tool that felt like an extension of us rather than an external AI. Although our client was pleased with the outcome, they decided to take a different direction at the decision-making stage. We view this as a reflection of the iterative nature of the design process, where client preferences may evolve. We used exactly.ai to translate the client's reference point into solid design concepts. The integration of exactly.ai within the agency's design brief exemplifies how it can assist in meeting the demands of a specific design brief through a methodical and practical approach.

The boutique travel agency project perfectly illustrates how Holystick Design Studio integrates exactly.ai into our design process. The platform is a collaborative tool that enables us to translate client references into tangible design concepts. In the ever-evolving design landscape, exactly.ai emerges as a pragmatic and adaptable resource for design studios navigating the intricacies of client preferences and project demands.

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