Emma Brossaud on the Imperfection of Digital Artworks

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Varya Plusheva

Head of Community and Customer Operations

Apr 10, 2024
Emma Brossaud on the Imperfection of Digital Artworks

Emma Brossaud is a French Digital Art Director based in Dublin

Why did you decide to try exactly.ai?

I wanted to generate image sets that were colorful, minimalistic, and elegant. In my practice, I use pastel noisy plates to design a model that complements this aesthetic preference. I was seeking to incorporate AI into my creative practice. I like exactly.ai’s flexibility in accommodating my aesthetic choices and its ability to generate diverse visual concepts. The notion of artworks' imperfection adds a layer of abstraction, which imbues them with a raw and dreamy quality. I like the platform’s ability to align with my aesthetic preferences. I appreciate the ability to train the AI, allowing it to understand and adapt to my unique artistic language.

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