Anna Sudbina's AI Abstract Perceptionism

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Varya Plusheva

Head of Community and Customer Operations

Apr 08, 2024
Anna Sudbina's AI Abstract Perceptionism
Anna, could you share a bit about yourself?

I am a contemporary painter whose work combines elements of process-led abstract and figurative art. Influenced by Jacques Derrida's philosophy, my paintings—pieces of frayed reality—are artfully combined with areas of pure gestural abstraction, forming a dynamic visual language.

Why did you decide to try AI in your practice?

I practice two distinct bodies of work: abstract portraits, which aim to capture human emotion and the universality of the human aspect, and Interior Of The Mind, which explores the relationship between memory and perception and the impermanence of our experiences. I trained two different models on and was intrigued by the results, which offered new perspectives and compositions. Inspired by Derrida’s deconstruction of language to uncover hidden meanings, I deconstruct reality through layers of abstraction to forge a space where viewers can engage with the work on a subjective and personal level. My visual language, which I defined as "Abstract Perceptionism," encourages speculation and personal interpretation. I sought an AI tool that could further deconstruct my painting process, allowing for even deeper exploration and innovation.

How has impacted your practice?

The portrait model has generated interesting compositions I plan to use in my following paintings. However, I was even more excited by how the 'Interior' model abstracted the human figure, offering my work a new 'vocabulary'. The ability to blend the two series through has been a fascinating development in my practice. What I appreciate most is the ability to merge my two visual languages into one cohesive practice, enhancing the depth and breadth of my artistic expression.

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