Minofmeerdesign: Furniture Making with Exactly.ai

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Varya Plusheva

Head of Community and Customer Operations

Apr 05, 2024
Minofmeerdesign: Furniture Making with Exactly.ai

Christiaan, could you share a bit about yourself?

I'm the founder of Minofmeerdesign, a design, furniture, and craft studio based in Taipei, Taiwan. Our studio is dedicated to blending traditional craftsmanship with modern design principles to create unique furniture pieces.

What sparked your decision to weave exactly.ai into your furniture making journey?

I've utilised exactly.ai to sketch out new, visually appealing furniture designs.

What motivated you to incorporate exactly.ai into your furniture making practice?

The drive to generate fresh ideas and conceptualise innovative design elements for my upcoming projects inspired me to use exactly.ai into our work process.

Can you share how exactly.ai has made a difference in your work?

exactly.ai has played a significant role in inspiring my upcoming projects, especially in visualising unique combinations of form, pattern, colour, and texture. It's become a vital tool in our design process!

So, what's the part you love the most about working with exactly.ai?

I particularly enjoy the ability to experiment freely with forms, patterns, colours, and textures.

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