Improving Design Concepts with Fuat

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Varya Plusheva

Head of Community and Customer Operations

Apr 13, 2024
Improving Design Concepts with Fuat
Fuat, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I'm a multidisciplinary designer based in London. I'm interested in how art and technology work together.

How did you use

I was looking for a tool that aligns with my multifaceted design objectives. I aimed to explore unconventional directions and meanings in my work while uncovering other visions. I turned to, uploading ten images to create a bespoke model imbued with 3D art elements, contributing to my design roadmap. has helped me define the boundaries of our design concepts and thread them together in ways I hadn't considered before. It has enhanced our reflection on the concepts and allowed us to focus more on aesthetic visions rather than the often long and tiring crafting process.

The platform's capacity to transform static images into dynamic 3D models stands out to me. With that, I've been able to explore the intersection of art and technology further. The models serve as a testament to my creative process and as functional assets ready for integration into ongoing and future projects.

  • graphic design