Catrina Cavalera Created Floral Patterns

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Varya Plusheva

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Apr 03, 2024
Catrina Cavalera Created Floral Patterns

Catrina, could you share a bit about yourself?

I’m an illustrator, herbalist, and online educator, interested in creating intricate floral patterns for notebook covers.

How do you use

I use traditional methods, which are intensive in terms of complexity and time. I work on several images simultaneously, with only a few images being used in the end. Instead of creating manual floral patterns, I uploaded ten of my prints to, where I created a model based on my visual language. I decided to insert my descriptions, based on my research. It was great; I managed to minimise redundancy and maximise the potential for diverse pattern outcomes easily and smoothly.

What motivated you to use into your process?

I was always looking for new ways to find alternative approaches in my process. came across my radar while trying to find easy and ethical solutions to tackle the greatest challenge of my work, which is the ambiguity clients often face in articulating their preferences.

How has impacted your floral pattern projects?

It had a great impact on my process! In the world of design, the journey from concept to the final product is often marked by refining and iterating, and getting an assistant with that was impactful on my thinking and process. I could make 15 patterns within an hour, which allowed me to think more about the design concepts and philosophies rather than focusing mainly on the long crafting process.

Finally, what is your favourite aspect of working with the model?

I could manage the biggest challenge of my work in an easy and fast way. I was able to experiment with various design notions and offer my clients tangible versions before they decide, improving the service I provide to my clients. became an invaluable tool for Catrina, facilitating the iterative process and enabling her to focus on improving her design concepts. The seamless integration of AI into her multidisciplinary design process streamlined efficiency, allowing for swift iterations and optimal results. Explore the possibilities of combining traditional artistry with innovative technology for designers seeking a meticulous and time-efficient design process.

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