InPainiting: How to edit areas of generated images

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Tonia Samsonova

CEO and Founder

Sep 14, 2023
InPainiting: How to edit areas of generated images

The inPainting feature allows you to amend and edit areas of the image you have generated. It is useful when you have created an image and like it but feel like you need to edit areas of it. For example, let's say you want to remove a hat and put on glasses on a portrait of a person. You can inpainting either to remove unwanted objects from the image or to paint in different things.

  1. with a lasso, select an area of the image you would like to change
  2. write a textual description of the new object you want to be drawn in this area
  3. press create, and you will see four different images generated with your edits.
  4. if you want to remove the object, press erase - and the object will be removed.
  5. Try several times to see different options

In this video here is an example of how this feature can be used:

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