Pride month open call


Strategic Partnership

Pride month open call
30 Jun, 2024Deadline

Celebrating “Love is love”

To celebrate Pride month, will showcase artists and illustrators who are celebrating the theme "Love is Love," providing them with visibility and celebrating their contributions to the creative community.

Who can participate

This open call is for all artists and illustrators who want to showcase the theme "Love Is Love". This is your opportunity to inspire and be inspired, so come and join this celebration of love. We invite artists working with all mediums to create their personal AI models on trained on your artwork and submit images created with your own AI models to this call.


  • Pride Takeover exhibition and event.
  • Artist Interview: Your artwork and interview will be featured on website and social media.
  • 100 generations: Each selected artist will receive 100 free generations to further experiment and create with their AI model.
  • 3 models: Each selected artist will also have an opportunity to develop three new AI models, expanding their creative possibilities.
How to participate
  1. Press "Enter the Competition" button on this page
  2. Upload your original artwork to create your own AI model
  3. You can submit as many models and images as you like

How to submit an image to the open call

  1. Generate images with your model
  2. When you like an image, press the Competition button on the top right corner of your screen
  3. Press "Submit to a Competition"
  4. You will see on a screen all images that you have submitted
Deadline is on 30th June, 2024, 23:59 utc

939 Submissions

Join and submit your work