Open call for exhibition at The Wrong Bienalle Open Call

Open call for exhibition at The Wrong Bienalle
29 Jan, 2024Deadline

Last year, we had exhibitions in Berlin, London, and Helsinki. This time we are going to Costa Rica.

Curator Alfredo Arevalo is inviting artists to participate in an open call for his exhibition “Digital Alchemy: Rewiring Paradigms”, which will take place in Costa Rica. This exhibition is a part of The Wrong Biennale Program.

We invite artists working across various mediums to explore their vision for the collaboration between an artist and the AI. The selected artists’ works will be physically exhibited in gallery F De Image (San José) from February 2nd - March 1st.

This exhibition will be an attempt to turn the premise of generative art upside down by proposing a creative experiment for breaking free from this prompt-matrix: the prompt delegates creativity to the machine. We want to rewire the AI by having the machine delegate creativity to the artist and have the machine function more as an extension of its creative ability to transmute its imagery into new forms.

How to Participate:

  1. To apply for the competition, click the Enter the Competition button on this page. By applying to the competition, you will get 100 generations and 3 new models for free to get your ideas done.

  2. Create a new one or choose an already-made AI model.

  3. Submit images created with your AI Model to this competition.

You can create several personal AI models and submit as many images as you want.

Deadline: January, 28

1266 Submissions

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