Design challenge with DesignWorkout and Dima Barbanel

Dima Barbanel

Co-founder of DesignWorkout

Design challenge with DesignWorkout and Dima Barbanel
25 Oct, 2023Deadline

We partnered with DesignWorkout and art director Dima Barbanel for this week’s Design Challenge.

As part of their educational project, DesignWorkout publishes daily tasks for designers that help develop creative thinking. Dima kindly shared one of the creative tasks with the community.

The challenge winner will get a mentoring session with Dima Barbanel and a year-long subscription to Exactly Pro.

Here is what you need to do:

A car that transformed its shape in an emergency

The shape of any vehicle has a key gesture - some distinctive feature in its form construction that makes the object recognizable. For example, the Volkswagen T1 transforms into a sphere because almost all of its shapes are based on circles. The same goes for other vehicles. That means we can simplify their shape while preserving the recognizability of the overall image. It's fun to imagine a vehicle acquiring a very simple shape in a dangerous situation.

How to complete the task:

  1. Analyse what shapes constitute the mode of transportation: these can be basic shapes (triangle, circle, square) and more complex ones.
  2. Determine which shapes are most significant for the image of the mode of transportation. In other words, which shapes carry the key gesture of this object?
  3. Create a sketch by simplifying the transportation mode's shape while retaining significant details of its construction and decoration. Perform visualization in
  4. Please send us the visualisation result, the sketch, and a photo of the actual vehicle.

How to participate

Create a model on Exactly that can generate images of a vehicle. Send to the name of your model, a sketch, and a final image of a car that transformed its shape in an emergency.

The Judge

Dima Barbanel is a co-founder of the DesignWorkout. Designworkout is an interdisciplinary team of designers, researchers, and educators involved in educational, commercial, research, and publishing projects. DesignWorkout was involved in projects commissioned by large tech companies and social and media institutions. Among their clients are Esquire, The Art Newspaper, and McKinsey, to name a few.

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