Design challenge with Ash Gibson

Ash Gibson

Award-winning designer and art director

Design challenge with Ash Gibson
18 Oct, 2023Deadline

Starting this week, we launch Design Challenges with our amazing partners from design and creative agencies. This week, we’ve partnered with Ash Gibson, an award-winning British designer and art director. Ash will challenge you with one of the most interesting briefs in his career. The challenge winner will get a mentoring session with him and a year-long subscription to Exactly Pro. Deadline for submissions: 19th of October.

Win amazing prizes

1st Prize - an hour-long mentoring session with Ash Gibson + Exactly Pro Subscription for a year
2nd Prize - Exactly Pro Subscription for six months
3rd Prize - Exactly Pro Subscription for three months

Imagery for a Real Estate Agency

High-end real estate agencies trade properties worth dozens of millions of pounds. Owners and agents are high-net-worth individuals who don't share images of the properties anywhere outside of non-disclosure business documents. Your job is to create images that appear to be amazing architectural and interior photographs of this type of property without being a real property. This is not to sell properties but to illustrate marketing material representing the business. Archetypal HNW properties that look real but don’t exist.

How to participate

Create a model on Exactly that can generate images for the client. Send to the name of your model and three images you would show the client.

The Judge

Ash Gibson is an award-winning art director, creative director, and designer with 20+ years of experience. He has worked in luxury editorial, marketing, and content, creating successful strategies, marketing, and content for brands. Among his clients are Redwood, The Week, and Wired. Ash was a creative director at Men’s Health at its height, Giant Magazine at its most loved, Jack Magazine at its most fun, and GQ at its most lauded. Apply Now

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