Design challenge with an architect Evgeny Rodionov

Evgeny Rodionov

Architect and educator

Design challenge with an architect Evgeny Rodionov
02 Nov, 2023Deadline

This week, we partnered with an architect, Evgeny Rodionov, for the Design Challenge 3! In this challenge, you will be tasked with creating visuals for a new urban masterplan design. The winner will get a mentoring session with Evgeny Rodionov and a year-long subscription to Exactly Pro.

Here is what you need to do: Architects, urban designers, and creatives in the gaming and entertainment industries spend countless hours on world-building and imagining the future. From setting the scene to telling a story of a character living in the future, concept art and imagery are an important part of the world-building process.

Your client is a high-profile architectural practice. You were hired to create visuals for a new urban master plan design. They will use your images as part of the presentation to the government client.

How to complete the task:

  • Сreate concept art illustrating the future of sustainable living from urban farms to robotics, micro-mobility, and city streets repurposed into gardens.
  • The work will be evaluated against the clarity of the image, consistent art style, and the story it’s telling.

How to participate: Create a model on Exactly that can generate images of urban masterplans.

You can use images found on the internet as references for your model.

  1. Find 10-15 images for your moodboard.
  2. Upload those images to to create a model.
  3. Use sketches, prompts, and other tools to generate an image for this task.
  4. When you are happy with the image, send it to to participate in the competition.

The Judge Evgeny Rodionov is an architect and educator who previously worked at award-winning practices such as WilkinsonEyre on futuristic botanical garden projects such as Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. Evgeny has taught generative design at UCL and was published in Dezeen and Architect’s Journal. He is currently building tools to create cities for the future, working with clients such as JPMorgan, The Crown Estate, Landsec, and British Land.

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