Competition with an art director Milijana Krtinic Roncevic

Milijana Krtinic Roncevic

Art Director

Competition with an art director Milijana Krtinic Roncevic
12 Dec, 2023Deadline

This week, we partnered with an art director, Milijana Krtinic Roncevic, for the Competition 4!

In this challenge, you will be tasked with creating a mood board for a Fall-Winter editorial. The winner will get a mentoring session with Milijana Krtinic Roncevic and a grant from Exactly.

Here is what you need to do: In preparation for a fashion magazine shoot, art directors and stylists create a mood board to share with the client. It helps to develop the concept of the shoot, select the right clothes, do the models' make-up, and set up the lights.

Your client is a fashion magazine. You were hired to create a mood board for a Fall/Winter editorial. For the photoshoot, the setting should be in nature with clothes with lots of movement. Long-sleeved dresses paired with boots and coats would work well. The photography should have a minimalist approach and capture the model in motion, showcasing the flow of fabric, set against the blue sky or in a grass field.

How to participate:

  1. Create a model on Exactly that can generate images of fashion photoshoots.
  2. You can use images found on the internet as references for your model.
  3. Find 10-15 images for your moodboard.
  4. Upload those images to to create a model.
  5. Use sketches and prompts and other tools to generate an image for this task.
  6. To submit your image, you need to press submit to a competition button. You can create several personal AI models and submit as many images as you want.

Deadline: 12 December


1st place: a mentoring session with Milijana Krtinic Roncevic 15 models, and 1500 generations

2nd place: 10 models and 1000 generations

3rd place: 5 models and 500 generations

The Judge:

Milijana Krtinic Roncevic is an art director and a stylist. Milijana has been working as a fashion editor, creative director, and stylist. Right now, she is an art director at C&A, a renowned fashion brand.

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